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Upcoming Season (Autumn)   Maroochydore Oztag Register Now

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When registering online do not list the child's contact number if they are under the age of 17, it must be parent or guardian details





"Please be aware that there is no cash accepted at the venue for registrations and all fees are to be paid online"



Divisions: Mixed, Men's & Ladies Family Mixed


Note Family Mixed: Normal mixed rules however a team must have a min of 4 kids under 12 and no more than 2 Guys & 2 Girls over the age of 12 on the field at all times. (2 point try’s for players under 12 and all females).



Venue: Bob Gibbs Oval, 40-60 Springfield Parkway, Springfield, QLD 4300



Round 1: TBA

Game Times: Games start at 6:00pm

Game Days: TBA


Season Length: Season consists of 12 games (plus finals)


Cost: $100 per player ($8.33 per game)  plus $25 for Official shorts (team must have a minimum of 11 players, or pay the equivalent)

Individual players or small groups are welcome as we will help you find a team. 

Nomination: Minimum 11 players per team. 8 players on the field.


To nominate a team, CLICK HERE to download a team sheet. Or register your team online via the register now button located at the top of the page.


If you email springfield@oztag.com you team name we can create the team for you.

Teams can still be placed into the draw once the competition has started, simply call QLD Oztag 1300 469 824